About Us

Silver - the most auspicious metal, a favourite gift, and the most pristine ethnic jewellery element – has been central to our lives and culture for eternity. Here at Avior Jewels, we aspire to be the cupid in the love affair that all of us share with Silver by providing to you the most precious and minimal designs coupled with the experience of our artisans and intertwined with our culture.

What defines Avior is its catalogue of modern and minimal jewellery married to the evergreen beauty of Silver – and thus enriched with the world of good Silver brings. In addition to being affordable, contemporary and trendy, silver also comes with a wide array of proven health benefits and positive energy - and is thus the best of both worlds.

The core philosophy around Avior’s work is to make our designs trendy. Our product range is a myriad of modern contemporary designs to inspire an entire generation. Avior is where the age-old traditions of our experienced artisans meet recent trends of today’s generation to create something that is truly special.

Our jewellery is centred around and targeted at millennial and Gen Z consumers. This passion has also added a characteristic synonymous with Avior – affordable luxury. When met with our affordable range, the ambition to wear a precious metal is an offering most can’t deny as it also makes each of our pieces an intelligent investment choice.

At Avior, every piece has a story and destiny - A story that begins from the silver in the hands of our artisans and ends adorned on our customers. We make sure that wherever you are, you are Avior – “the brightest star”.

  • Assured 925 Silver

    For your daily charms and occasional jewellery, we promise you with 925 sterling silver quality that will make your trinkets last forever

  • Handcrafted With Love

    Crafted with care, jewels by Avior are uniquely made to fit your needs and charms

  • Happy Customers

    Every time you put on Avior jewellery, you make us smile. Customer satisfaction is our priority and endeavor.

About the Founder

Our founder, Vikram Bairathi, hails from a family with a legacy of mastering the design and business of jewellery. From the lineage which started SGS Jewellers & Silver Seal, Vikram is the 7th generation with the ambition and drive to make Avior the Gen Z jewellery market leader.

Vikram honed his knowledge of jewellery all his life, post which he went on to obtain his BA Honours in Business & Management from the University of Exeter in 2019. This bolstered his belief that management is where his passion indeed was, he went on to pursue his MSc in Management from the prestigious University College London in 2020.

Avior strives to provide the finest quality in its designs. Our founder firmly holds that today’s generation – Gen Z – has a dearth of millennial jewellery that appears to be trendy but at the same time retains its elegance. To solve this problem and bridge the gap, his vision for Avior was set, and since that time, we haven’t stopped giving our level best to bring you the finest, most modern and minimal jewellery by catering to your 21st century Gen Z needs.