Product Care

General Care:

All products by Avior are of assured quality and purity. All products are of guaranteed 925 Sterling Silver. In case of any damage to the product; please inform us so that we can help you out as much as possible.

Jewellery Care:


  1. Wear jewellery post completion of make-up.

  2. Thoroughly dry your jewellery if exposed to water or other liquids.

  3. Gently wipe jewellery after removing to get rid of skin oils, dust and makeup.



  1. Do not use makeup, perfume, hair sprays, sanitizers etc. directly on the Jewellery as it can damage the jewellery.

  2. Do not immerse in water as it could affect the shine of the jewellery.

  3. Remove jewellery during cleaning & while exercising.



  1. Gemstones are delicate and utmost care is required while handling the jewellery, to help preserve quality for the long term.

  2. Exposure to high temperature or direct sunlight can affect the gemstones. Discolouring of gemstones can happen overtime.

  3. To maintain quality and clarity (shine) use soft brush delicately to clean the gems over time.

  4. Avoid keeping gemstones close to each other to prevent scratching.